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The HANOR Family of Companies Animal Care Program is focused on animal welfare by combining the best animal husbandry practices with a long-term disease prevention plan and promotion of bio-security.

We are dedicated to animal welfare at all levels of production. Each of our farm sites are SWAP assessed (Swine Welfare Assurance Program). Production Management and farm personnel are required to be PQA certified (Pork Quality Assurance Plus). All transportation drivers are TQA certified (Trucker Quality Assurance). These programs are designed by the National Pork Board to promote pork quality and safety and provide the framework for animal well-being and good production practices.

Why an animal welfare assurance program and what is SWAP assessed?

  • The Pork Checkoff has launched the Swine Welfare Assurance ProgramTM, or SWAPTM, as the pork industry's proactive initiative to this increasing consumer awareness of animal welfare.

  • SWAP, is a voluntary, science-based program for America's pork producers to objectively assess and benchmark the care and welfare of their pigs.

  • The program covers all phases of pig production.

  • SWAP consists of nine Care and Well-Being Principles that are indicators of welfare on the farm. These principles are used to assess on-farm records, facilities, and individual pigs.

  • SWAP is an educational assessment in which producers through consultation with an independent Educator find ways to improve production practices.

The importance of animal welfare continues with the commitment that management and farm personnel are PQA certified. PQA training is a three-level certification where employees are trained in best management practices from daily care to maintaining medication records.

The final aspect of animal welfare lies with our transport team where all drivers are required to be TQA certified (Trucker Quality Assurance). TQA training stresses the importance of safe and proper animal handling during the pre-loading, loading, transport, and unloading phases of pork production. TQA training also educates drivers on how to provide a proper environment for animals during the transportation process.

At The HANOR Family of Companies our Animal Care Program extends to include preventative health programs that promote prevention of disease and strict bio-security. A consistent flow of pigs and a closed genetic system approach provides a stable health status that can be monitored and maintained. A tailored plan is used to encompass the farms with all aspects of veterinary service.



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