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The HANOR Family of Companies is strongly committed to being the leader in environmental stewardship.

We have always utilized the latest proven technologies to provide for the safe application of our nutrients which will enhance the soil quality of the surrounding land. Our environmental staff and many of our production personnel regularly attend training  courses to maintain their certifications for operating HANOR's nutrient handling systems utilizing best management practices.

We also employ  independent consultants for the over-sight of our environmental program. These consultants outline our strategies for lagoon and equipment maintenance, nutrient management, cropping schemes, records keeping, and many other activities associated with safe application of our nutrients. Contracting with independent consultants gives us the security of an unbiased opinion and access to the latest technology and research both adding an additional layer of confidence to our environmental program.  The independent consultants also make regular visits to each farm for on-site inspection, review of records, and to oversee compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations. Governmental agencies issue permits, and conduct inspections to insure compliance with those regulations. Enforcement of regulations insures the safety and protection of both the environment and our operations.  

The HANOR Family of Companies has developed advanced environmental systems to protect the air we breathe, water we use  and the environment we live in. Our employees live in the same communities, drink the same water and breathe the same air as our neighbors. We take environmental stewardship very seriously because it's the right thing to do.


Roberts Ranch gives grant to nature preserve

Hanor & Roberts Ranch has announced a $750,000 challenge gift to The Nature Conservancy.

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