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Today, The HANOR Family of Companies is a major player in the U.S. pork chain, adding value through breeding stock and market hog production, along with the further processing of pork.  Our highly experienced management team has forged key alliances in the areas of animal health, nutrition, production technology, feed, transport, management information and marketing.

We are excited about the future of the pork industry and our unique opportunity to be a part of a select group of leading-edge producers who own and operate a modern pork processing plant in St. Joseph, Missouri. This pork processing plant has set new industry standards for its ability to produce the highest quality pork products with food safety innovations in today's market. It is this type of innovation and alliance-building that has HANOR positioned to continue to set world-class standards for our industry.


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Roberts Ranch gives grant to nature preserve

Hanor & Roberts Ranch has announced a $750,000 challenge gift to The Nature Conservancy.

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