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To be "World Class Leaders in Pork Production" requires us to continually be on the cutting edge of process improvement within our production practices.

Invention, early experimentation and adaptation of technology has kept HANOR at the forefront of innovation and ahead of our competitors.  Continually striving for excellence in the areas of production technology, nutrition, genetics and veterinary medicine has resulted in an extremely efficient, world-class system that produces the highest quality pork.  Our success is largely due to our dedicated and knowledgeable staff as well as our collaboration with some the industries' most widely recognized consultants.  HANOR's production system is designed with internal multiplication within each farm and genetic progress is accomplished via semen.  Farm-specific  pig flows have allowed us to customize the nutrition and health program for a flow of pigs in order to provide consistent health and achieve our production goals.

The HANOR Family of Companies is strongly committed to being a leader in nutrient management and Environmental Stewardship. We have long-adopted technologies that increase the value of our nutrients, improve their safe and economical application, and enhance and conserve our surrounding environment.

Our Animal Care Program is focused on animal welfare by combining the best animal husbandry practices with a long-term disease prevention plan and promotion of bio-security.  We are dedicated to animal welfare at all levels of production.  Everyone that is responsible for the care of our animals is trained on good husbandry practices using our Animal Well-being training program. Each of our farm sites are PQA Plus® (Pork Quality Assurance Plus) assessed.  All production and administrative personnel are required to be PQA Plus® certified.  All transportation drivers and load-out crews are taught how to properly handle and transport our animals using the TQA® (Trucker Quality Assurance) training program.  The PQA Plus® and TQA® programs are designed by the National Pork Board to promote pork quality and safety and provide the framework for animal husbandry and good production practices.

We are committed to providing our pigs with the best care possible, our employees a secure place to work, and our customers a safe and healthy pork product.


Roberts Ranch gives grant to nature preserve

Hanor & Roberts Ranch has announced a $750,000 challenge gift to The Nature Conservancy.

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