Job Title:               Risk and Safety Coordinator


Deadline For

Resume:                   Wednesday, June 19, 2024 (Submit resume to


Department:        HANOR Corporate Human Resources


Location:              Enid, Oklahoma


Supervisor:           Human Resources Director


Description:         HANOR’s Risk and Safety Coordinator is responsible for driving continuous improvement in the company’s risk and safety program. This role is not just about maintaining the status quo, but about actively seeking opportunities for enhancement and ensuring consistent execution. Effective and transparent communication is a key aspect of this role, fostering a deep understanding of the programs while maintaining strict compliance with state and federal health, safety, and fire codes. By doing so, this position significantly reduces or prevents hazards, dangers, or accidents in hazardous materials, fire, life, occupational, and industrial hygiene safety areas.

Key Tasks (Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following.):

Participate in the development and implementation of company-wide safety/risk programs such as lockout/tag out, confined space entry, fire protection, and other OSHA safety compliance programs.

Evaluate and advise regarding risk/safety protocols and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance as mandated by local, state, and federal agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Visits HANOR work sites  to perform a job analysis then discusses with management safety concerns and plans for eliminating hazards and improving worker training.

Develops and conducts educational programs relating to risk and safety issues, as required.  Maintains current knowledge of policies, guidelines and regulations from governmental agencies.

Respond to emergency situations involving hazardous materials, or fire and smoke incidents; prepares reports of findings and submits recommendations.

Reviews accident reports to identify patterns of injury and to determine whether unsafe conditions contributed to the accident; advises departments of trends in injuries and proper safety procedures that may result in reduction of injuries.

Assist HR Director in completing reporting requirements.

Other duties as assigned

Supervisory Responsibilities



  • Skill in performing safety inspections and ensuring compliance with OSHA safety standards.
  • Knowledge of federal, state and local safety regulations, protocols, and/or procedures.
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse populations.
  • Ability to communicate technical information to non-technical personnel.
  • Computer literate and proficient with MS Office applications (i.e. MS Word and MS Excel)

Educations and/or Experience

Must have Bachelor’s degree in safety/fire/environmental concentration; with 3 years of experience that is directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified above. Any equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education approved by Human Resources

Language skills

English required, ability to communicate in Spanish preferred

Mathematical skills

High School Level

Reasoning ability

Ability to comprehend and disseminate written information

Certificates, Licenses, and Registrations


Physical demands

    Often   Significant   Seldom
Lifting 1-5 pounds       X      
Lifting 6-10 pounds           X  
Lifting 11-25 pounds           X  
Lifting 26-50 pounds           X  
Lifting 51-100 pounds           X  
Lifting 100 or more pounds           X  
Carrying 1-5 pounds           X  
Carrying 6-10 pounds           X  
Carrying 11-25 pounds           X  
Carrying 26-50 pounds           X  
Carrying 51-100 pounds           X  
Carrying 100 or more pounds           X  
Ascending stairs   X          
Descending stairs   X          
Ascending ladders           X  
Descending ladders           X  
Sitting   X          
Walking   X          
Standing           X  
Stooping       X      
Kneeling           X  
Bending   X          
Squatting           X  
Climbing           X  
Pushing           X  
Pulling           X  
Twisting   X          
Reaching above shoulders           X  
Reaching below shoulders   X          
Exposure to changes in temp.           X  
Exposure to changes in Humidity           X  
Exposure to dust           X  
Exposure to fumes           X  
Exposure to gases           X  
Far Vision   X          
Near Vision   X          
Hearing   X          
Talking   X          
Depth Perception   X          
Repetitive actions w/left hand   X          
Repetitive actions w/right hand   X          
Repetitive actions w/left foot           X  
Repetitive action w/right foot           X  


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